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Re: blue headlights?

DRoxburgh wrote:

> Guys you've missed the point. In Europe, big A's have the new style
> projector bulbs with give off a very bluish light compared to the dim orange
> glow from normal headlamps. These are a different type of bulb - not
> halogen? - and that was what I wanted to know about, i.e. could they be
> fitted behind stock lenses to improve the lighting over and above the use of
> sheer wattage - PP take note!

These blueish tinted lights are called HID for High Intensity Discharge.
I can't remember exactly which element is used to create the light, but
I believe it's mercury. I know Lincoln and BMW are using them. They
are VERY expensive, as they use special circuitry to provide the high
amperage needed to power the lights. I've seen aftermarket "off-road"
driving lights advertised for $1200 or more. That's a bit excessive in
my mind. I personally light the lights, the Lincolns I've met on the road
were less of a pain, as the light is very focused and doesn't blind you,
but I don't feel like spending that much money for lights.

Personally, I like projector style lights. They are relatively inexpensive,
and yet can be used in higher wattages because the focused beam doesn't
blind oncoming drivers.

Hope This Helps.

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