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Re: rear 4K springs suk

Michael Williams <daserde@ucla.edu> wrote:

> well.......actually...its funny you should say this.  I just raised
> the rear up above the front and actually the car is now more neutral.  
> Although maybe the 40 psi front tire pressure and 37 rear psi tire 
> pressure has something to do with it..i dunno...
> this coilover setup is conusing...so many variables...and thats just 
> height, spring rate and tire pressure...thank god i have a very simple 
> suspension.  but its incredibly educating....i love this stuff :o)

Don't forget that, unless you re-adjust the suspension, when you raise
the rear, you are also changing the camber towards positive and
increasing toe-out.  Having less negative camber on the rear will
increase oversteer (or reduce understeer) and the end result would be
more neutral handling on an understeering car.  But it's not just a
direct result of the increased ride height, but also of the decreased
neg. camber. Toe out will probably result in twitchy handling.  Yes...
so many variables can be confusing at times...

Luis Marques
'87 4kcsq