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Unlimited-Life Brakes????

I just noticed that the rear brake rotors and pads on my 89 200T (188k mi)
have NEVER been replaced.  The fronts were done at 58.8k, 82.2k, 152.9k miles.

I'm the 2nd owner, and I have every repair order since it was new, plus I've
created a spreadsheet to track the work done.  (Just like the recent thread
about compulsive record keeping!)

The rear brakes show some wear, but they still don't need replacing.

Maybe since my car is fwd, the brakes are "fwb" !  Does my 200 need to be a Q
to use all "four"?  :-)



89 200T, 188k mi
85 5ks, gone
79 5ks, gone