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RE: <KaPOw> I think I hurt it


Get a real chip that won't cut off the fuel pump when you hit 1.8 bar.
These homebrew ones that people wake either ground out the fuel pump
(avoid the overboost protection) orhave a problem with slamming into a
wall (like you've noticed) because the car thinks it's overboosting.  A
good performance chip from TAP or the QLCC should solve this.  Right,

'90 200tq

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> From: 	Brooks Ellis[SMTP:brooks@frii.com]
> Sent: 	Thursday, July 09, 1998 8:03 PM
> To: 	Robert Myers
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> Subject: 	Re: <KaPOw> I think I hurt it
> >Check your induction system hoses, particularly the Michelin man hose
> after
> >the intercooler and the turbo --> IC hose below the IC.  Oil in the
> system
> >(normal) tends to weaken these hoses after time.  Remove the michelin
> hose
> >and examine the bottom side where you can't see it from above.
> Betcha
> >you'll find a BFS (Big Split).  If this is your problem, a heavy
> Well, I went out there today, and checked it out. First thing I did
> was
> look at the accordian hose, it LOOKED ok, but I duct taped it &
> re-installed anyhow.. Didn't help. So I ripped the duct tape off,
> reinstalled the michelin man, and DUHHHH.. there was an obvious
> non-connection between the hose from the turbo and the hose into the
> intercooler. Some upside down oily time, I undid the hose clamp that
> apparently just wasn't tight enough, and slipped the hoses back
> together &
> re-hose-clamped it. 
> Now it's all Keeler! Now I've just got to get rid of that awful fool
> cut
> out, that HURTS. It's like being hit with a VW bug or something, a
> sickening <ooof> at top boost. I think I'll fool with the wastegate
> spring... ( No, I never stop looking for ways to make my life more
> inconvenient :)