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RE: ID? Black S6 Wagon in Nashua, NH

Michael Callaghan wrote:

	Every other day or so whilst commuting to/from work, I pass a Black
	Wagon heading in the opposite direction down Rt. 101A in
	New Hampshire.

	Does anyone know this car? I keep thinking that I should chase him
	give him my business car, and say, "Don't ever trade it to a dealer.
	Call me when you want to get rid of it." 

I wonder if that was the same one I saw one morning heading west on Rte 111
in Windam.  It had two women in it.  I was appalled by the apparently tiny
exhaust diameters, and wondered if a massively wrong replacement was fitted?
I couldn't see the badge well enough to determine if it said S4 or S6 on it.