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UrQ Vibration When Braking

My 1983 UrQ has undergone a serious front end overhaul in
the past year. New parts include new tierods, ball joints,
subframe bushings, A-arm bushings, motor mounts, tranny
mounts, strut bearings, shocks, strut bearing nuts, brake
disks, pagid pads, roll bar bushings. 

I have a rock-solid ride over bumps but on the highway
between 55 and 70 mph I have quite a lot of steering vibration. I
also have a lot of steering vibration side to side under heavy
braking. No pedal undulation at all though.

Two thoughts, steering rack play or wheel bearings. When I
push on the side of the tire to rock the car sideways I get no
clunk at all. I do get a slight clunk when I move the steering
wheel back and forth with the motor off and the car resting on
its wheels. Does this mean steering rack play and if so what
are my options? Thanks for any and all info.

Andrew Finney
1983 UrQ.