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Re: learning with quattro

On Wed, 15 Jul 1998, Eyvind Spangen wrote:

> >no question imho, i'd put the sprogs in a old, safe rwd car with limited
> >engine power, take them down a few back roads and teach them myself.
> >the rational is that oversteer is the least controllable of a vehicles
> >dynamics and control and anticipation of this should be learned early,

> Hehe.. I did the same when I was learning winter driving - I drove an
> old Volvo with about 90 hp... It oversteered when you looked at the
> accelerator pedal in a turn.. :-) Sure I teached it, I think it is
> safe to drive such a car (RWD) in a closed area. That way, you'll be
> able to handle oversteer/understeer much better than if you never had
> such experiences.

I learned on an 80 4000 FWD w/~90hp... (?)... the meaning of understeer.
Fortunately, it was when no one was around and I couldn't hit anything.

Again, my father noted that drink + drive or otherwise drive stupidly, and
not only would the car disappear, but probably my ability to drive one,
since my limbs would be promptly torn off :(  ...

Here's to stern parental units.

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