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Re: 4KQ for a teen, yes

Brett Dikeman <brett@pdikeman.ne.mediaone.net> wrote:

> new driver.  Further, start the person on an _automatic_.  Why?  It's much,
> much more difficult to learn to drive and learn to operate the car at the
> same time.  Starting on an automatic made things much easier for me; I
> could focus on cars around me, navigating, etc. and less about how to
> shift, do the clutch, etc..._then_, I started driving the stick after I had
> been driving for several months on the automatic.

I think this is a choice of the individual. Myself and many people I
know have been driving a stick since we got our licenses. (too bad for
me this was 15 years ago)
I learned to drive on a manual trans, took my road test on a manual.
But again, this is me. If your son/daughter is comfortable with a manual
than that should be their choice.
C'mon there are enough unconscious people driving slush boxes, lets
create the good drivers early!

Of course this is my opinion, I could be wrong - (Ok, I stole that line
from Dennis Miller, sue me!)

Marc Gelefsky
86 4kCS quattro
86 911 Carrera Targa
88 944 Turbo
97 German Shorthaired Pointer