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Re: How to prperly remove badges

On Thu, 16 Jul 1998 07:37:44 -0500, Todd Young wrote:

>Sachelle Babbar wrote:
>> Now for my question: how to get all of the adhesive off the paint? I'm
>> always left with the black "Audi ..." left by the adhesive. I use cleaners
>> and ultrafine sandpaper with no success. My next Audi might be Pearl and
>> I'm definately putting the S6 badge I have on my car on it. TIA!
> Use some WD40, soak the adhesive down with the stuff and then
>use a cotton rag to start wiping it off. I might take a little while
>and a lot of WD40, but it will come off. That stuff works
>wonders. Don't use paper towels, they just shred apart.

Try 3M adhisive remover.  Thats what I used when I worked at an Audi dealer