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Re: 4KQ for a teen, and teen driver bashing

Funny you should mention.  I did my test in a blizzard with an Acura Integra
with summer tires (middle of April) and a 5 speed.  My dilema was, should I
spin the tires or ride the clutch.  I thought I would get points taken away
for spinning the tires.  I guess I was wrong.  I also got the "poor clutch
control" business.  You can never win.

Wolff wrote:

> > this.  Maybe im an exception, i dont know.
> >
> Probably ! :-P
> Possibly "gifted" or "touched" like the rest of us listers as well. :)
> Anyway, when I was 16 I borrowed a car to take my drivers test. Turns
> out this car was a stick. I had never driven one before. Didn't stop me.
> I got in, drove downtown through metro DC traffic and passed the test
> with 10 points off for "poor clutch control".
> Wolff

Martin Pajak


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