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I did something _bad_ (no turn signals, rad. fan or wipers in 200 Tqw )<long>

I'm such a moron!

So last night, I'm trying to diagnose some noise in my stereo install
(thanks, BTW, Al for all your archived info. I couldn't for the life of me
figure out how to install my head unit into the supposedly DIN-standard Audi
dash opening. Nothing a file couldn't fit). Anyway, a moment of inattention
with a test light and zap! No more radio. OK, no biggie, I think, so I check
the fuses. Yep, I blew #14. Slap a new one in there (also took time to
notice fuse 21 is blown...hmm maybe that's why my after run fan doesn't). So
I fire up the stereo -- noise still there, but at this point, with
everything working (I thought), I call it a night.

This A.M.on the way to work -- no turn signals. Huh? I must have missed a
fuse. So, while my wife runs into Starbucks, I check my fuses. Nope,
everything intact. The emergency flashers work just fine, weird. I decide to
drive carefully and head into work. Sitting in traffic while waiting my turn
to get on the 520 bridge (Seattle listers will believe my relief that this
happened _before_ the two-mile, no-shoulder, floating bridge) I notice the
temp gauge heading up. Then the auto-check light/dinger goes nuts. This is
odd, this car _never_ runs hot. I pull off the road just shy of the bridge
entrance and pop the hood. Leaning over the fuse panel, I hear a gurgle and
move fast(!) just as a geyser of hot antifreeze erupts (Thanks ScottMo for
all the hot coolant warnings on your web page, they stuck with me.). I kill
the engine and the after run fan cranks up.

I let the car cool down, drive it home, take the trusty 90Q20v to work. I'm
now looking at Bentley and I'm mostly bewildered by the wiring diagrams.

Symptoms in a nutshell:
 - late 89 200 tqw
 - No turn signals, but the emergency flashers work, so does the high beam
 - wipers, washers and rear wiper don't work. Trip computer functions on the
stalk work.
 - Radiator fan doesn't work while running. After run fan _does_ work.
- Fuses in mail panel intact.

Some thoughts I've had: Blown relay (s)? Bad ground? Ground fuse (I read
something about this in the archives, but don't know where this ground is or
if it exists.) Blown switches? Fried wiring harness? Any other thoughts? 

I hope to tear into this by the weekend, but some early pointers would be

Tim King
Seattle, WA
89 200tqw, 90 90Q20v