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Team Door Handle strikes again, with a twist

>Well, my sister walks in, and infomrs me that she can no longer open
the car
>door from the inside.  Hmm, i knew that t-44 cars are afflicted with
>outside handle being retarded (both of the 5k's we have now sport new
>handles), but had no idea that the t-89 flush handles could have ther
>idiocrasies.  Looks like the Bentley's going to get some use.

I had the same on the passenger side of my 1989 100 a few years back.
Was just the cable that had slipped out of the interior handle. Easy to
fix. Probably just the little metal clip that have fallen off and allow
the cable to move out of position. Most likely you do not have to remove
the door panel, just the handle and "fish" for the wire. Buy the small
clip at the dealer or look down inside the door (panel off), it is most
likely there.
And, do NOT install the cable in the position where it is most tight
(that seems however the most logical one). That little tension makes
your locks "click" upon locking/unlocking. Took me over a year to find
that problem. Now everything's quiet!

 /// P-O