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Re: oil pan baffles, again

Is windage tray the correct term? I know the AAN uses one. It is listed as
one of the changes for model year 1992.  Are you saying there is a plastic
baffle/windage tray for the 3B that won't work on the AAN? From what Brandon
described, the S2 windage tray uses the standard mounting bolt locations on
the pan and utilizes two gaskets, above and below the tray. Guess I need to
check the AAN fiche tonight and see if that is the same as what Brandon
described.  If that isn't clear then I'll pull the pan (It's on the engine
stand at the moment) and check real world. If it mounts as I understood from
Brandon, the AAN tray may work with any 5 cyl pan unless the oil pick up is
a problem.


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Subject: Re: oil pan baffles, again

>In a message dated 98-07-16 16:39:41 EDT, you write:
><< If I thought for a moment that the pan and baffle from the AAN would fit
> with your subframe, I'd trade in a heartbeat because I don't think it will
> fit with my 4kq subframe.
> That said, I'll bet the AAN baffles are available from Audi here in the US
> and they just might work with the 3B pan.
>  >>
>The AAN oil pan dosn't have plastic baffles like the 3B's oil pan.  There
>aren't even holes drilled in the casting to install a plastic baffle...