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Jay <j-yr-be@snet.net>: 4KQ for a teen? How much trust do you have in 'em?

I'm only 15 and already have my first car.  No, it is not a 4kq, but it
is a 4k.  Right now it does not run but the kid i got it from loved it
and drove it hard.  I am really glad that my first car (even though it
doesn't run....yet) is an Audi 4000.  Just thought I would share that.

If you trust your kid and you taught them 2 drive well get them the 4kq.
I had mine waiting for me when i turned 16 (passed down from mommy, she
got it new in '84).  Tell your kids if they want to see what the car can
do you'll take them to an autocross.  The kid is going to do some stupid
things.  we all do at least once.  If you teach them well they'll know
how far to go.  Everyone wants to see what a car will do.  If they are
going to be stupid and go way beyond limits they would crash some other
car easier.  The 4kq is very forgiving, I have never crashed mine.  I
spun it once having fun in a foot of snow but nothing was around.  I was
trying to bring the rear out and i had illegally bald rear tires and new
fronts.  I didn't realize how bad they were.  The "jeep syndrome"  or "i
have 4wd" attitude is a stupid one to have.  Most suv's suk in the
snow.  I was in a buick that had to pass a 4wd blazer in the snow. 
point is if your kid is responsible and knows a little about driving get
the 4kq. if not get 'em somethin' else.
	P.S. i am 19 and in my opinion i drive better than a lot of
Point is age doesn't matter, maturity and knowledge matter.  I'm not
bragging just trying to get some "more experienced" drivers to
understand that young kids can drive well.  Its a good thing to know
what a car will do in case you really need it.
	If you can't trust your kids who can you trust?  People have to
from mistakes they cannot learn from yours.  Teach your kids what you
know about driving and if they make a mistake they will learn from it.  
	I'm not tryin to be mean, just pointin out my teenage opinion.

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