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Re: 4kcs -vdo odometer repair

You can pull the needle (carefully) with needle nose (no pun intended) pliers.
It is only pressed on.  Suggest first that you pull it carefully over the stop
pin and mark with a pencil where the needle rests without the stop.  That way you
can correctly position it when reassembling.  BTDT x30!  Your odo problem is a
common one.  There is a plastic drive year that the odo wheels are mounted on
that breaks loose from the shaft that it is pressed on.  Remove that shaft while
the wheels are left in place.  Using a small chisel on a metal surface, add some
new knurling to the end of the shaft.  Ie, add to the existing knurling and
reinstall.  Don't try the superglue method it didn't last for me at all.  My fix
is long term.

SHOWMX@aol.com wrote:

> I know this subject has come up before but in searching the archives it seems
> as though it was never completely resolved.  Can the speedo needle be
> succesfully removed and how without permanently damaging it?
>  I have taken my dash apart at least 1/2 dozen times in the past month trying
> to repair the odometer.  It decided to stop soon after my car turned 100,000
> miles.  I have manually advanced it and works untill it becomes time to turn
> the hundredth digit.  So every hundred miles I'm tinkering w/this thing!!!
> If I can't remove the speedo needle myself and succesfully repair the
> odometer, what's next??  Is there some place I can ship the assembly to for a
> quick repair?
> TIA,
> B. Parenteau
> '87 4kcs

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