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Re: UrQ Fuel Gauge Sender

In a message dated 98-07-16 13:28:40 EDT, afinney@tamsconsultants.com writes:

 Does anyone know if there is a donor vehicle out there, other
 than an UrQ, for my 1983 UrQ fuel gauge sender? Carlsen
 says the UrQ part is not shared by any of the 4000 series. I
 have a new gauge but the full tank reading is just above half on
 the gauge and has been steadily declining for the past two
 years. Any thoughts would be appreciated. >>

Not sure if this qualifies as helping or just a useless datapoint but...if you
know the p/n for the ur-q sender, you can compare it against the info below. 

The 4000s 4cyl and the Coupes 81-87 share a common sending unit. p/n
811-919-051B. With the ur-q's one-off tank this may not help, but perhaps some
judicious bending of a readily available GT sender may be a solution.

Chris Semple
'83 ur-q