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Update on Ur-Q Bosch Headlights

In message <01bdb136$7ba36ca0$2b34f8ce@server> "Lino M. Valadas" writes:
> Finally got the headlights for my 83 Ur-Q, Bosch singles H4, part # 0 301
> 064 121/2.  I also had H4 100/80 watt bulbs, that I intend on using with
> them.  These units are actually for the 86 MY since I already have that
> year's slanted grill in place.  I think it will look alright, I haven't got
> the bezel that goes around these lights, I haven't been able to find them.
> I'm planning on installing them this weekend.  A few questions:
> Can I run them without relays for say 10 minutes at the time or will even
> that melt the harness/switch?  I haven't got the power line from the battery
> in the engine bay yet.

Yes you have.  There's a dirty great thick thing running from the
alternator to the battery - you take the main feed off the alternator
terminal and switch it using relays driven by the existing headlight

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