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Re: sprongle, 10v vs. 20v

Mark Nelson wrote:
> >I'm sure i'll get blasted by veteran rally types, but why doesn't the
> >sprongl car use a 20v?  if it's rules-based, why doesn't the team use a
> >20v car?  is it reliability-based, or am i mistaken and it is in fact a
> >20v??
> Sprongl does in fact use a 10vt, but it ain't your average ol' MC motor.
> The motor in his car is a full Group B 2.1L 10vt out of an A2 factory rally
> car.  Frank used to run an A2 prior to building the S2, so he had all the
> drivetrain and engine parts.  I asked Frank that very question regarding why
> he doesn't run the 20vt, and he said he felt the the 10vt had plenty of
> power, is lighter than the 20v, and parts are more available (and cheaper).
> He still has his motors rebuilt by Hans Lehmann in Germany.
> On another interesting note, Frank told me that he has a brand new '94 S2
> Gr. A factory rally car in a storage building in Canada.  He wants $100K for
> it OBO (that was several months ago).
> cya!
> -mark nelson
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No such thing as factory S2 rally car in 94. At best it is something 
like his S2 built with factory parts from long ago, like what JB has.

Mike Z