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carburettor cleaner

>Date: Fri, 17 Jul 1998 02:26:36 -0600
>From: Brooks Ellis <brooks@frii.com>
>Subject: Tough A/C bolts, falling idle, and more on the 5kcstq
>>>  First, clean up the ISV
>>> with  carburettor cleaner.
>>I wouldn't use carb cleaner on any car with an O2 sensor,
>>there are silicones in the carb cleaner that can plug up the
>Most, if not all of the Carb cleaner sprays at my local auto shop say
>explicitly "Oxygen sensor safe" or "O2 sensor safe". I've used a couple
>brands on my '86 12v adnoH, and neither had Si in it. Neither left any
>residue on metal, paper or wood. I don't recall what's in the spray,
>something very non-polar I think. Methanol perhaps.. and that's it.. no
>lubricant or anything.
>brooks		-fort collins/laporte area, n. colorado-
>[ brooks@frii.com    '89.5 200Q @ 1.8    S&W Sigma 9F 17+1 ]

I'm not sure in this application (i.e. O2 sensor safety) what the relevance
of being "very non-polar" is, but methanol is generally considered to be a
polar solvent--certainly not "very non-polar". Solvents such as hexane, or
petroleum distillates, etc. would  qualify as non-polar.

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