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Going "supersonic"

Brett, CJ et al.

No need to measure turbo speed, kkk, garrett, IHI (ad.inf) all do it for you,
it's called a turbo map.  It plots, Pressure Ratio, turbo speed, engine rpm,
and turbo output (cfm or cmm).  KKK doesn't really share them, but just about
all the others do.  I believe you can ck the archives for many posts from me
on turbos (turbos at altitude, supersonic, and boost pressure threads).  For
the stock k26 turbo (2 bar mod), it runs at about 105,ooo rpm at 1.9bar, at
sea level.  It runs about 80,000 rpm in stock trim (1.5bar max)  120,000 is
the maximum number kkk even bothers to publish on ANY of their maps, so I'd
say that would be a safe bet where supersonic is (or the reading just before
'terminal' velocity  = infinite mass :)