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Exxon Valdez (low Audi cont.)

Was doing some shopping in Zeist after work today, and had to drive through
a street that's littered with speed bumps. I know these bumps are very high
and steep, so I take them at no more than 5 mph.

It appeared that someone else hadn't bothered to slow down. After the
second hump, there was a shining black puddle on the street, which ended in
a long blotchy oil trail. I guess the owner of the oil will have noticed
the loss when the engine started making funny noises... judging by the
trail (4in wide!) it won't have taken long for the car to have lost all its


PS The used-car place near my work now has a silver '88 100 Avant turbo,
FWD. Looks like new, low mileage, $4500. Nice-looking car. No quattro,
though... the '85 Coupe Quattro's still there, $3500 with ugly aftermarket
5-spoke wheels and _huge_ reflective(!) quattro logos plastered all over
the sides. Red leather interior, with what looks like 10" speakers in the
back- they barely fit the shelf. Leading edge of the hood is covered in
black sticky tape, which looks dodgy. Headlights are sandblasted, no other
body or paint (black metallic) damage noticeable, though. Despite its
shortcomings, I guess it'll be sold within a week, like they usually do...