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Seen - 4Kq FS

Hi Y'all,

Just saw a 4Kq sitting on a parking lot with a for sale sign on it.  

Location:  Oak Hill, WV.  (South central WV)
I assume it runs.  I don't recall seeing it around though.
'84?, '85? - just guessing.
121K miles on odometer (working?).  
Truly crappy white paint.
A number of dents and bruises.
Grill (incl rings) & bumpers painted white to match body.  I said crappy
didn't I?  :-)
Dash cracked (multiple cracks).
Upholstery fair.  Dirty but no *obvious* tears (won't swear to that).
Asking $1,500.

It might make a decent parts car but it would take big $$$ to get it right.
 If there is interest I'll stop for a look see and get contact info for you.

Insert usual disclaimers here.

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