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In message <"980717180755Z.WT24345.  0*/PN=William.Elliott/O=LNGW/PRMD=MEI/ADMD=ATTMAIL/C=US/"@MHS> William Elliott writes:

> We've got a guy in the UK running around with my dream car (and a boot full of
> microfiche reader) with an amazing understanding of Audis... "deducing" what
> US-spec electrical readings "must" be while denying "spider-bites"....

Not hard - the part number is the same, therefore the diagnostics must
be the same.  The problem I still have is that I can't see where the
actual mounting of the gauge is dealt with in the microfiche.

Unfortunately, a whole raft of new 'MB' material seems to have overlaid
the 'WR' material at this point, and there's no information _at_ _all_
about fitting a sender.  Some about taking one out ...

I wonder if it's the same as the Passat - index marks have to be lined
up, and if the sender isn't screwed down real tight - it creeps.

> ...and poor Dan doing the thankless job of moderating this unruly crew while
> volunteering his time and service to provide us this venue.  His thanks? We
> bitch about search engines and spam!

Oh, no - Dan is far from thankless.  I don't think you've seen a 'real'
regular bitch about archives ...

As an aside - I was in my tool merchant's today, and came across a
little jewel just lying on the counter.  It's a 17mm Allen driver,
ideal for the differential/gearbox plugs.  This one is _real_ neat -
it's FACOM D.107-17.  It solves _all_ the clearance and skew problems -
the 3/8" drive recess actually goes down into the driver - it's only
1" long overall.  Magic.

 Phil Payne
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