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I believe you are right.  When we were planning the intro of the new Passat
here in Finland, the Swedish plan was known to us.  At the time, we did not
know how long the VR5 would be delayed, and by accepting 1.8T's and TDI's
as introductory models we were able to introduce much earlier.  Sweden
wanted to wait for the VR5 2.3 engine as it seemed like there is no
substitute for cubic centimeters when going for the Volvo crowd, and the
2.8 syncro was inevitably late (our first cars came 12 months after Passat
introduction).  Boy, am I glad we did not wait, as even with the quick
moves and all, we've had four to eight month delivery queues for new
Passats since introduction 1 1/2 years ago.  

And all along you could have had an A4 practically the same day, or a
factory order in six weeks.  Oh well, different stroke for different folks.

The day our first V6 syncro Passat arrived, I drove it home with great
expectations.  That was last November.  I had one home again a few days ago
- my mother in law is here from Canada and my wife and her were heading out
with the kids for a day of shopping etc, and she asked me to bring her
something a little bbit bigger than her A3.  She is not fussy.

Jouko Haapanen
Pori, Finland

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> Date: 17. heinäkuuta 1998 22:16
> At 06:59 PM 7/16/98 GMT, you wrote:
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> >And the UK Audi dickheads (alone on the planet, it seems) have decided
> >not to import the 1.8TQ.  You want quattro - you have to take a 2.8
> >non-turbo engine.  And if you try to buy a RHD 1.8TQ anywhere else in
> >the EU and import it - they will do their DAMNDEST to stop you.
> Phil, that sounds almost like VAG in Sweden. Scanned through a bunch of
> Swedish Auto magazines last weekend prior to them going into recylcle.
> An article of the new passat stated that it was never intended to show
> up in Sweden with the 1.8 turbo. Only NA four bangers or the new V-5
> engine. Luckily, the V-5 was delayed and all test have praised the 1.8
> Turbo for being a much smoother and quicker engine (albeit thirstier at
> WOT). Think selling for the Passat is identitcal regardless of engine
> choice. Maybe a lister "back home" would be able to verify if that's
> still the case.