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10VT Exhaust manifold

Where, besides the dealer ($600), can I get an Audi 2-piece manifold?  I 
haven't heard from Blaufergnugen yet if they have them.  Also my 
pearl'86 5000TQ has Fuchs, blackout tailights(Hella w/ standard US 
license space), big "quattro" under the rub strip on each side and the 
rings on the rear quarter panels.  The guy I bought it from said it was 
one of four Audi PR models and none of these were later owner add-ons.  
I have no way to verify this and was wondering if anybody had comments.
Matt Martinsen
Oak Harbor, WA
I.A. 1.8 bar, need to stay faster than brother's '91 200Q, or at least 
not fall behind!

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