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Re: Oops! No turn signals, rad. fan or wipers in 89 200 Tqw

I really can't help you much other than to say maybe you knocked a
connector loose.

> > I hope to tear into this by the weekend,  so some pointers would be
> > greatly appreciated (please ;-) . Mr. Bentley's wiring diagrams scare the
> > heck out of me.

This is where to start.  You have the tool, now suffer and learn to use
it.  Hint:  Ignore your problem, find something you think is fairly
simple (like headlights) and learn to follow the schematic for that
system.  Once you get familiar you won't be afraid.  The schematic is
where you are going to find out what is common to your failing systems.

The schematic (if it's like mine) is laid out roughly left to right
*alphabetically* by component name.  This seems weird until you realise
that when you look something up in the key along the bottom it's usually
on the same page.  Then you have to follow the little square box links
to other "current tracks" which are not numbered relative to anything on
the car, just internal schematic reference devices.

If you're still confused, it will help to copy by hand the system in
question to another piece of paper.  This eliminates other things in the
way and page to page jumping.

Good luck!

> The short version -- I was chasing down stereo noise and I did a boo-boo
> with a test light and blew the instrument lights fuse #14). I fixed the
> fuse, but now I have the following problems:
> > Symptoms in a nutshell:
> >  - late 89 200 tqw
> >  - No turn signals, but the emergency flashers work, so does the high beam
> > switch.
> >  - wipers, washers and rear wiper don't work. Trip computer functions on
> > the stalk work.
> >  - Radiator fan doesn't work while car is running. After run fan _does_
> > work (now, anyway, when I was checking originally, I noticed I had a blown
> > afterrun fuse).
>  -  Fuses in main panel intact.

Huw Powell