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Be very careful...I smell a putty cat

Timothy writes:
"Seems it's a custom in Mexico for them to try to sideswipe
you, and when they miss, stop at green lights in front of you.  Of
course, they had no insurance.  I do, but you know how that goes. "

Perhaps I am reading more into this post than was intended but just want to
give you a warning if I am right.

Symptoms:  1) you were alone in your car, 2) other vehicle cuts you off and
then slams on brakes, 3) other vehicle usually has more than one person in
the car (not necessary but helpful), 3) other vehicle usually is a piece of

Diagnosis:  Insurance fraud

Prognosis:  1) Occupants of vehicle which cut you off will swear to police
that they were driving along as usual or stopped for a red light or stopped
because traffic in front of them was stopped and then you barreled into
their rear end.  2) If they are experienced, occupants will leave scene in
an ambulance (not necessary but helpful at trial).  3) Occupants will begin
approximately a month of treatment with a loser chiropractor (not all chiros
are scum).  Occupants will complain of whiplash and sore backs (cervical and
lumbar injuries).  4) Loser chiro will x-ray occupants and read film himself
(no need for a radiologist - who may be honest).  He will pick out every
little defect he can find and undoubtedly notice a loss of lordosis (loss of
natural curvature of spine) among other very minor things which show up in
almost every back x-ray or MRI but are usually asymptomatic (aren't
painful).  4)  Loser chiro will treat occupants 5 times first week, 4 next
week etc.  He will diagnose same injury for both and treat both exactly the
same.  5)  Treatment will consist of heat and massage (spinal manipulation -
whatever).  If chiro is a player he will have assistants doing this work so
that he can see as many patients as possible during the day.  I have never
once seen an assistant who had any type of medical training.  Chiro will
claim he trains them himself.  6) After about a month of treatment the
occupants will be released and the chiro's prognosis will be "guarded."
Total bill for each occupant will be around 3K and will be UNPAID.  Chiro
will assert a lien on any litigation/claim.  7)  If occupants were employed,
chiro has filled out release from work forms for the period of treatment
(lost wage claim).  8)  then you get letter from plaintiffs attorney
advising of his representation and 1/3 lien.  9)  Then you get SUED.  9)
Then your insurance carrier retains an attorney to defend you and gets
placed between a rock and a hard place.  A)  Pay defense counsel to take
case to trial and incur 10k in bills and still face exposure from jury
trial, or B) pay plaintiffs' counsel approximately 2 and a half times
specials (damages) fairly early on and avoid exposure from trial and certain
defense costs.

RESULT:  increased insurance costs for everyone.  Merry Christmas.

I hope I am wrong.

Matt Pfeffer