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RE: paint

All Macco repair facilities are independently owned as franchises, therefore
quality is dependent on the owner of the facility.  I have been painting
cars now for 15 years, and am in business for my self in Utah.  My family
has been in the auto collision repair for 50 years.  My advice is to find a
shop in your area that has been in business for a number of years( over 10),
ask to see work that has been completed by the shop, and most important know
how much experience to painter has had.

The products applied to your car are the second most important aspect of the
job.  All of the modern paint companies( Sikkens, Dupont, PPG, Sherwin
Willams, BASF) sell excellent products that I would use on any of my
personal cars.  Do not choose a shop based strictly on the material used.

Thirdly when a car is painted it should not be color sanded and buffed.
This will decrease the mill thickens of the clear resins over the pigment
and decrease the lifetime of the paint job.  All modern basecoat-clearcoat
system are designed to give a smooth glassy appearance with a minimum of
orange peel with out buffing.  Some of the best looking clears in my opinion
are Sikkens Autoclear,  PPG 882 from the global system,  or 2001 from the
DBU/DBC System.  Other paint companies have clears similar to these, but I
am only really familiar with PPG and Sikkens products having used PPG for
the past 20 years and recently switching to Sikkens for performance and cost

I hope that this information will help you make a informed choice,  if you
have any other questions feel free to contact me at off the list at