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Anti-lock light stays on all the time (long)

Well, I've taken the plunge again and re-subscri*ed.  Seems I can't own this
car and _not_ be on this list at the same time!

Last week I let the local tire place replace my front struts and align the
'87 5KCSTQ.  After I went to pick up the car I noticed the anti-lock light
came on about 30 seconds after I drove out of their parking lot. The rotor
shields were also apparently scrapping against the rotors.  Exceptional

I can turn the light off with the switch for about 20-40 seconds, then it
comes back on again.  I've checked the resistance on all wheel speed sensors
except the front passengers  side. Still have to check that one. They are
all within Bentley's specified tolerance.

Another problem that has happened intermittently since this "repair" was
made is that the red brake warning light comes on--usually when I do some
hard braking.  While rolling slowing backwards down a hill, the brakes have
twice felt like they weren't even going to stop the car.  This has only
happened while rolling backwards out of gear.  The "bomb" passes the pedal
test ok.

All rotors and pads have been replaced recently.  Fluid levels are okay and
fluid is less then a year old. None of this was happening until after I let
the "monkey lads" work on my car.  They want me to bring it back to them,
but I have no confidence that they know how to troubleshoot a Q.

All suggestions welcome.


1987 5000CS Turbo Quattro
165,000 miles