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V8Q Hot Start Problem

Hello q-listers:

I have a 1990 V8Q with approximately 132K miles on it.  Lately it has
been running great, but I have been having this annoying hot-start
problem.  After driving it a short distance (maybe under 5 miles) and
shutting the car down, it is very hard to restart.  The two times it
happened before, I was able to get it started by pressing the
accelerator down.  This time, it won't start regardless of what I do. 
It has been starting fine from cold and about 95% of the time I start
it from hot.  That 5% is just tough to deal with.

Last winter, it stalled once and I heard what a flooded V8 sounds
like, when I got it started then, it ran rough for a while.  This
sounds different when trying to start, you can hear the compression
strokes and it runs fine when started.  This leads me to think of fuel
pump (but are they normally intermittant when they fail?), or maybe
the fuel pump relay.

If anyone has any suggestions, could you please email to me at
dglanz@yahoo.com?  Thanks in advance for your help.

Best Regards,

Douglas P. Glanz
Cincinnati, OH

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