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Re: Digest or not?

Agreed.  I use Eudora Pro and it has rules, filters and folders as well.  I
find it very easy to manage this (and other) list(s).  On the lists I'm on,
I get about 400-500 emails per day.  Of those, I read maybe 40-50.  I used
to read digests with Tapcis (which is much like GP) and it was a pain.  EP
makes it quick and easy to find the wheat and discard the chaff.  Highly

At 12:34 AM 7/18/1998,  Andrew Buc said:
>In short, it comes down to the mail software. Granted, I'm generalizing from
>two specific programs, but from what I've heard, I think the generalization
>is valid: netmail clients in general are more full-featured than dedicated
>CSi/AOL software. I only regret that I didn't change sooner. If E-mail
>is all you want from an ISP, there are ISP's that will give you what should
>be enough time for $9.95/month. And then there are the free E-mail services,
>some of which can be accessed with a standard netmail client.

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