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FW: I raced my A4Q at Donnington, UK against Hondas, Vauxhalls, Alfa Romeos, Fords, and more and won!!!!!!

I got the game quite awhile ago. There ARE certain stores here in the USA
that carry Import Software (Interact CD in Pasadena, CA), and that is where
I got it. I LOVE this game! But when I first started to play it, I thought
"hell, these cars bash into each other and weave all over, more like an
arcade game". Reason being, after years in SCCA, most drivers did not drive
this way! Well, it wasn't until I bought the 96 season BTCC Racing video and
watched it that I came to realize, they REALLY DO drive that way! And they
weave all over cause they are not allowed the sophisticated suspension that
our race cars get to have, a large amount of the car has to be from the
street model (at least I think I heard that was the case). I race with it
using a Thrustmaster NASCAR steering wheel, which really helps! Joysticks or
keyboards just don't cut it here.

For me, Brands Hatch is the hardest course to do, the turns are wickedly
sharp! Donnington is very good, and plenty of places to pass. Oulton Park is
one of my favorites! But I am having a hell of a time on Snetterton!

Oh, and I am looking for anyone in the USA that has this and wants to race
against a LIVE player! It is very easy to do, just need the other's IP
address (use WINIPCFG to get it). I tried it already with a few folks across
the big swamp (England and Australia), but LAG was so horrible, it was
almost impossible to play it. Anyone interested??????

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> I know I have everyone's attention now. Right?
> I don't mean this to be an advertisement,but I know everyone on the Q-List
> has to hear!
> I just downloaded TOCA TouringCar ( DEMO ) from www.codemasters.com a UK
> Company, and I just have to say that this game is phenomenal.You and your
> A4Q or honda (in the DEMO, more in the full version), race every
> professional driver from every automobile marquee in the BTCC Touring Car
> Championships on virtual ( real ) tracks  i.e.:Donnington in UK, (in the
> DEMO and more in the full version). You control the weather,2wd or 4wd
> trans, Manual or Auto trans, choose a
> carAudi,Honda,Renault,Alfa-Romeo,Ford,
> it goes on and on! It's not yet available in the USA until late
> summer, but
> with everyone's help maybe they'll start soon. Just an opinion
> from a fellow
> Q-lister. This game is the sh_t!! Let me know what you think after you've
> loaded it and raced against 12 cars in s thunder storm in the pouring rain
> at 150mph bumper to bumper. Just watch out - you can lose your bumpers,
> break your windshield and really screw up your sponsors logo paintjobs!