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blue headlights?

In message <19980719021110.20325.qmail@hotmail.com> "scott miller" writes:

> >Personally, I'm not yet convinced.  While I'm happy that Euros are
> >preferable to DoTs (beam cutoff) I think the beam cutoff on the HIDs
> >is _too_ sharp.  When a vehicle coming the other way with HID lights
> >hits a bump, the lights seem to flash as if the driver hit the highs
> >for a fraction of a second.  I find it disturbing.
> Disturbing, but much less dangerous.  It takes some time to bleach out
> the photosensitive chemical in your eyes, rhodopsin.  Smaller bulbs with
> poor cutoff give you a prolonged dose of less light, with a greater net
> effect on your night vision.

I agree - it's the 'startle' effect I don't like.  Sometimes I think
I'm being flashed, sometimes I even think it's a fuzz radar flash.  It's
very distracting, IMO.

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