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Re: Micro Fische

Phil Payne wrote:
> In message <35B17106.A3D5C9A4@mail.msy.bellsouth.net> nscbarry@mail.msy.bellsouth.net writes:
> > Checked with the folks at hte camera shop today about scaning the fische
> > and putting it onto disk,CD. They had these thoughts, first due to the size
> > of the print, diagrams, etc on the fische, they feel that it might not be
> > possible to get a good image using a scanner, and enlarging such a small
> > area so that it is readable.
> BTTTDT.  You need a scanner with a resolution of at least 10,000dpi.

I bet you can get by with a little less than that. Unfortunately for
some, the file size may still be unmanageable. Probably several hundred
megs per film. How many films per set of fiche are there anyway?