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IC core removable?

On the 200q20v, with the single-pass IC, can the core be removed easily?
After looking at it, there are 4 clips on each side that seem to hold the
sucker together.

If this is true, then one could simply get a better(and slightly longer)
core from Spearco or similar co.

Also, Eric says the 200q20v IC is really efficient; I feel differently
whenever the weather hits 80 or above :)  Any 3rd opinions on the subject?
Obviously I wouldn't want to replace the IC with a very expensive,
aftermarket, poorer-performing one!

PS:A neat/cheap alternative looks like their water injection system.
Adjustable pressure switch+all.  $160.  Any experiences, or "predicable
effects" from anyone?  I'm curious as to how much of an effect the system
would have.  Spearco is noticably quiet about how much of a performance
increase the injection provides.

Brett Dikeman
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