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90 QC 20v

just thought someone might like to know, I know of a 90 QC 20v for sale.
I believe the asking price is about $10k. 504-827 -1200
what i do know: red with black int, paint, hood,  and interor, seats
esp,  need work though, approx 70k mi, does need master and slave
cylinders, both have leaks, and possible ABS work needed, the light kept
blinked randomly when i drove it.

I've  no affilation with the dealer, just wanted to pass the info on. I
looked at it as we now need a 2nd car, but don't have the time to deal
with the attention this one needs as I'm relocating in the next 3 weeks
and really need something just to get about in for a time before i have
to tinker with it.