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Re: rear trapezoidal arm

Hairy green toads from Mars made Joan  Kotjarapoglus say:

> I have a 87 5000cs quattro and have told by my mechanic that there is some
> play in the one bushing.  Sure enought, I am begining to have the rear
> tire tire show some out of alingement wear.  Since the car has 166k and is
> still in great condition, I will attend to this problem shortly.  My
> thought is to attend to all other bushing which commonly go bad at this
> vintage while we are down there. It seems like there are 3 bushing on the
> arm.  There also seem to be a couple more at the ball joint for the
> transverse link.  I am getting a sweeking sound from the rear.  I am
> interested in any words of wisdom.  Is there anyone who sells a complete
> rear setup with new bushing installed with a core charge.   George K. 

At that age, if they're still the original rubber, replace them ALL.
I did my '89 100Q at about 80-100K, and it suddenly felt like new again.

Somewhere in the archives, I posted a complete parts list for my car.


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