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Re: Idle Hunting - Not Solved

How about checking your hoses.  Pull the ISV off the car and look at its
hoses.  There a short one with an elbow.  Then a long one runs underneath
the air intake, above the fuel rail to the rear where it plugs into the
waffle hose (I think).  

Do you have the Bentley?  If not, get it.

At 09:08 AM 7/20/1998 , you wrote:
>Contrary to what I had posted a week ago regarding solving my idle
>hunting problem on my 80q - well it's not.  Stupid thing.  Still doing
>it.  And dropping rpm when the A/C comes on.  I had replaced the
>idle/wot switch but it had no effect.
>Raj Diocee had mentioned to check the fuel mixture (CO).  So I'll try
>this next.
>If that does'nt work, this is what I'll try checking/replacing:
>Sell the damn thing...

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