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RE: A4 follow-up

RE:  A41.8tq.  Gold sedan spotted parked in front of the construction of the
Royal Opera House.  Covent Garden / Leicester Square, London.

Thought it a curious sight because of Phil's difficulty (after the
sighting), but didn't have camera or any telling info (stickers, etc..) left
on the car to distinguish sales point.

Derek Daily
90 CQ
86 VW

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> Except that the US is not part of the EU which is supposed to outlaw such
> practices.
> Phil, what do they do to prevent you from doing this? There's been some
> writing about it in recent issues of CAR. They're completely disgusted as
> well.
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> From: Robert Myers <rmyers@inetone.net>
> Sounds vaguely reminiscent of the good old USDOT, Phil.  Yech.
> BTW, Phil, have you received mail from me not via the list within the last
> week?  I think there is still a bounce problem of some type.
> At 06:59 PM 7/16/98 GMT, you wrote:
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> >And the UK Audi dickheads (alone on the planet, it seems) have decided
> >not to import the 1.8TQ.  You want quattro - you have to take a 2.8
> >non-turbo engine.  And if you try to buy a RHD 1.8TQ anywhere else in
> >the EU and import it - they will do their DAMNDEST to stop you.
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