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Re: Help With 1984 Coupe GT 2.1 L engine

Clogged (broken) catalytic converter?

Jeremiah Curry wrote:
> Fellwo Audi Fans,
> Help!  I was driving back from a camping trip and my coupe had been
> running fine except 12 miles per gallon.  It was 104 degrees and My car
> didn't even start to overheat going up the worst hills in the State
> (Parleys).  When I got to the city, the car started to shake and I lost
> a lot of power.  The Car sharkes from side to side expecially when
> revved.  Anybody have any ideas.  I just got a tune-up.  New Spark
> Plugs, air filter, head cover gasket and valves checked.  It stil starts
> fine but sounds awful and no power.  Maybe the spark plug wires need
> replaced?  They look fairly new.
> Any Help Would Be greatly appreciated
> Thanks
> Jeremiah Curry
> P.S. if this is sent more than once I am sorry, I am having trouble with
> my e-mail program (outlook)

Huw Powell