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Re: Audi Magazine - "Audi Driver"

In message <85256647.0049C8AC.00@ngw2.hns.com>, on Mon, 20 Jul 1998,
quinn@hns.com spake thus:

>Geoff Jenkins wrote:
>>Is "Audi Driver" magazine the answer? If so, has anyone (esp. the UK
>>delegation, as it's published in Britain) see it? Opinions?
>I picked up a copy while on vacation in UK last month.  It's not
>very 'deep'.  More like a large glossy brochure for Audi's.
>A couple of reviews of new models - along the lines of "look how
>great Audi's are!".  A couple of very lightweight technical articles.
>IMHO, not worth the money to import.  If anyone has a dissenting
>opinion, please respond.

I would agree with this view - I don't bother buying it in UK.

Some comments on the first issue I made at the time are reproduced below
- don't think it has changed much since then - if anything for the worse


Agreed, aesthetically it's very pleasing; it exudes quality, style and
good taste. To readers only interested in the latest Audi developments
which GBP 30,000 Audi to buy next , the interior to grace with their
Aquascutumed presence in the driving seat and no more, it's the bees
But the whole impression, to me, is of an expensive, glossy PR magazine,
rather than one for those who are more at home in boilersuits under
Audis. I am sure it is all a deliberate move up-market, to leave their
sister mag. 'VW Audi Driver' more for the 'enthusiasts', but there's a
balance, which I don't think they've got quite right. However, it's
days, and with a new magazine, there's no stock of reader-oriented
on which to draw, and it's vital to impress potential advertisers with
well-heeled the readership will be, so 9/10 for presentation and 6/10
content would be my marks so far.




David Boyd
Cumbria, UK