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Help with '84 coupe

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From: Huw Powell <human@nh.ultranet.com>
To: Jeremiah Curry <jeremiahcurry@sprintmail.com>; quattro group
Date: Monday, July 20, 1998 1:36 PM
Subject: Re: Help With 1984 Coupe GT 2.1 L engine

>Clogged (broken) catalytic converter?
>Jeremiah Curry wrote:
>> Fellwo Audi Fans,
>> Help!  I was driving back from a camping trip and my coupe had been
>> running fine except 12 miles per gallon.  It was 104 degrees and My
>> didn't even start to overheat going up the worst hills in the State
>> (Parleys).  When I got to the city, the car started to shake and I
>> a lot of power.  The Car sharkes from side to side expecially when
>> revved.  Anybody have any ideas.  I just got a tune-up.  New Spark
>> Plugs, air filter, head cover gasket and valves checked.  It stil
>> fine but sounds awful and no power.  Maybe the spark plug wires need
>> replaced?  They look fairly new.
>> Any Help Would Be greatly appreciated
>> Thanks
>> Jeremiah Curry
>> P.S. if this is sent more than once I am sorry, I am having trouble
>> my e-mail program (outlook)
>Huw Powell

Thanks Huw,

    You nailed it I had given up and taken it to Alpine Auto the local
Specialty shop.  On the way there the engine suddenly started working
The mechanic said the inside of the catalitic converter had broken up
that it was getting stuck sideways and stopping the exhaust.  Running
for now while I try to save money to pay to get a new one.  Here is
question when I got in the car this morning the windshield was cracked.
was find before, Could this be due to the 100 degree plus heat expanding
black body?  Also I have read that the coupe should be at about 2200
at 60 MPH mine is at 3000 in 5th is this due to a different gear ratio?

Thanks Again to everyone who contributed
Jeremiah Curry

P.S. I will wave if anybody waves at me, no matter what kind of car it
but I find most Audi drivers to be housewives with three kids or old
professor types neither of whom seem to no that they are in the same
of car that I am in