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ALL Audi/VW microfiche for $300 ?

	I'm not familiar with TMC Publications; who are they, who is this guy and
does Audi know about it? If HE can obtain "a complete set of brand-new
microfiche parts catalogs for the entire VW-Audi line of cars for $300", can
he sell them, too? Could WE purchase them at that price? 
	I am _also_ NOT advocating anything illegal. I'm simply offering suggestions
to those people that currently own microfiche, on possible ways to make it
more useful and accessible: a home p.c. vs. the library. IF it was legal to
scan, burn to CD and redistribute- with or without profit, that would be
great, but that's a decision for Audi and their lawyers. However, we
enthusiasts/consumers do have the power to ask for this privilege/product, and
be taken seriously. Enthusiasts' letters didn't get the Rallye Golf imported,
but did get the VR6 GTI and then Jetta; or at least helped. 
	If a microfiche owner is tired of going to the library, can't find or afford
their own reading machine, and doesn't have a 42x loupe, but does have a
'puter, I say SCAN IT! This discussion is zeroing in on HOW.