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Re: Normal operating temp???

> >I just bought a '90 200TQ about a week ago, and the temp gauge (once the
> >car is warmed up and running) stays pegged about halfway (right in the
> >middle).  BTW, this is not in heavy traffic....just normal driving.
> >Does this seem a bit high to anyone?  I just remembered my 5KTQ's normal
> >operating temp was just past that 1/4 mark (the big think line).  I
> >thought that was the normal operating temp?
> This sounds normal for a 200q20v, but not for a '90 200 which has the MC
> engine.

My MC'd 86 5kcstq's temp guage settles in at the halfway mark during city
driving during 90deg+F weather. It runs down at just above the 1/4th mark
during cooler weather. This is with the cooler of the two available thermo-

Seems like I remember other 5ktq owners saying that thier cars run at the
3/4ths mark.

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