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an ur-q up for sale

Greetings all, 
       Did you notice the summer of '98 is half over? I hadn't, until Shannon
reminded of it last week-end. She was inquiring how our Vw Convertible project
was coming along. Slowly, I replied. She asked how the rallycar was coming.
We're ticking away on it, I replied. I noticed a developing trend, I seemed to
be stuck in the middle of several projects I had planned on completing this
summer. Not that it can't be done, just that it's a good time to marshall our
forces and regroup. 
        With that in mind, I'm offering up the car that would've been my
summer daily driver, if  I'd had time to drive it! The specs as follows.

'83 Audi turbo quattro coupe
Helios blue with creme leather interior.
Body coloured BBS 15" rims with Yoko A008's
Stock, unmodified car, save the rims.

In the 5000miles she's done with me, I've done a t-belt, front oil seals,
waterpump, A/C delete, heater core replacement, bomb replacement, single
radiator conversion. She's got a Borla cat-back complete stainless exhaust,
with receipt from a previous owner for 1200$. I have paperwork from three
previous owners.

Some notes on the condition...the interior seating surfaces show damage from
sun exposure(dry leather, starting to split at the seams on the drivers seat)
yet the dashboard is uncracked and mint. The exterior paintwork show some
fading from the years and I'd recommend replacement of the trunklid and
spoiler as it's showing rust at the lower edge. The rear quarter panels and
front fenders are undinged, but the drivers door has a crinkle in the leading
edge like something was pinched at some point in time. 

She passed NH state inspection last year and I'm confident will again next
month. Currently stored in Concord, NH. It's a great unrestored example of the
breed for someone who wants to choose a direction to go with the car.

Offered at 4100$, spares packages and transportation available as required.

Feel free to drop me a line for specifics about any aspect of the car, or
catch me daytime at 603-226-1810.

Chris Semple
'87 4000q
   '83 TQC
       '83 TQC---For Sale
           '81 Vw Cabriolet 16v
               '88 Ford E150 Club
                   '98 Classic 21ft trailer
                       '86 4000q