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Re: General Questions

Hairy green toads from Mars made Brett Dikeman say:

> >Is there a preference for BOSCH, BERU or Champion Plugs and Aftermarket
> >ignition wires?
> Not worth the effort.  Just put in a good set of Bosch plugs and you'll be
> happy; it's OEM.

Ditto. I've tried Blue Ignitors. They worked pretty well, but not any
better than the Bosch's at half the price.

> >The fuel filter return line is steel.  Any recomended technique to
> >minimize the amount of fuel expelled by residual pressure?
> Someone told me that one very easy way is to start the engine, and pull the
> fuel pump fuse/relay.  The engine will use up the remaining fuel pressure.


Doesn't work. Fuel comes out. Period. Figure on at least
1 cup (0.25 liters). Also figure on changing your shirt
afterward. I had to. Twice.

> >Has anyone out there ever autocrossed an audi wagon?
> not exactly my first choice...but hey...if it's in good shape...why
> not...could be fun...Volvo did it with the 850 "Thunderwagon" :)

If it weren't for the crappy autobox, my A6QW wouldn't be too bad.
It's quite stiff and decently sprung. I'm told that these days the
wagons are stiffer and actually handle better in corners than the
sedans because of the extra rear bracing to protect the kids.


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