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Re: 87 5ks A/C Compressor Clutch

Did you get any answers? I was reading old e-mail and saw your post.

The compressor is fairly hard to turn by hand(being a compressor and all) but
you should be able to wiggle it back and forth by turning the outer portion of
the clutch assembly. You can drop the compressor and leave the freon lines
attached- it would be best to find a shop with a reclaimer to store your freon
while you work on a benchtop.

The clutch is removed by taking off the outer bolt and removing the portion
that spins the compressor. Don't loose the key for this part.
Two snap rings hold on the pulley and coil. I would suggest buying a removal
tool- it will become handy when you have to replace your blower motor. You will
have to remove both of these sanp rings because most rebuilds work as a set.
The wire is held in place by one screw- the rebuilds sometimes have too short
of a wire so you may have to use a piece of the old one.

When putting on the new outer flange- check for a proper gap (about .025")- the
rebuild should have a bunch of washers to enable you to set the gap properly.
This gap between the pulley and the outer flange(sorry for nomenclature)
prevents it from spinning all the time....

Good Luck,
Eric T. Axelson
>From Minnesota and in Favor of Global Warming

Cliff Dawson wrote:

> Igor Kessel wrote:
> >The replacement is very easy provided you have two special tools.
> >I made my own. If you have access to a lathe I could draw a freehand
> sketch for
> >you.
> I would appreciate that.
> How can I verify the diagnosis as being either the clutch or the
> compressor.  How difficult should it be to turn the compressor shaft?  I've
> been unable to move it by hand, but I don't have a very good grip on it.
>  The clutch assembly does not look very healthy, but I can't tell if it's
> due to a frozen compressor.
> Any suggestions would be graciously accepted.  This is my wife's car and
> it's hotter than heck here if you know what I mean.