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List-member tips archive

I, for one, am in GREAT favor of keeping a web-based archive of
list-member tips, BTDTs, technical info (Torsen thread, anyone?), web
links, vendor links, etc...

Kind of an "official" list and archive designed to COMPLIMENT the
coimbra.ans.net/quattro web page and the list itself.  Sometimes, BTDT, I
just wanna surf and find the answer, since I know it's out there.  The
archives are great to search (and they work), but I've always just looked
for something that said "4kq: so your afterrun fan just stays on all the
time" -- ah!  Or, "4kq: suspension upgrade tips and BTDTs" ...

Yes, the list homepage has lots of them in the "old archives" section, but
I don't think it would hurt to "save" some of the good ones in a central
site, and/or have contributors deliberately write up some issues and put
them in the repository.

Being a graduate student affords me a little time and plenty of computing
resources for the task, so I'd like to offer my time and services to
building this system.

I'd love to open this up to debate, because it would be an EXCELLENT
repository.  BUT, I do *not* wish to step on Dan's toes, because he has
done an awesome job already -- my only wish is to improve information
access for everyone _without_ giving Herr Simoes more work to tend with.

I leave it to the list to decide --

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