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A/C service advice

Does anyone have a reason why I shouldn't have my non-cooling A/C checked at
the local Walt's Radiator & Muffler?  There are few other places (some I
*definitely* don't trust) in my area that even work on A/C.  I could go to
Seattle (a 1/2 hr. drive + 35 min ferry), but don't know if I'll find any
better.  My regular mechanic (solid accent, cluttered shop, VW factory
training plaques on wall, excellent prices, "hasn't screwed anything up
yet") won't touch the A/C.

1.  Any listers in Seattle area with shop recommendations?

2.  Walt's prices:  $99 for diagnosis, small repair & 1 lb. R-12 and $44 for
each add'l. lb.

3.  Since I'm not sure they've worked on Audi, but the mgr. seemed
confident, are there any particular things they should pay attention to /
look for?

Andrejs Zommers
'88 5ksq