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Re: Inercooler cooling

Alright, so some people mis-understood the question.  Let me rephrase.  Is
the intercooler really working in RELATIVELY low speed (stop and go even)
situations?  It doesn't seem far fetched to imagine the IC actually soaking
up heat from the engine when stopped at a light, so how long does it take
after you start moving for the IC to start having a substantial beneficial
effect?  Would you already be at 60mph?  That would only be less than 10
seconds.  I realise that at a constant 60mph the IC is working nicely.  I
haven't found too many cities I can drive through without stopping.
Still curious.

At 11:36 AM 07/21/1998 EDT, Rosso75@aol.com wrote:
>Arryn Milne wrote:
>"...it occured to me that the intercooler provides a nice boost to HP...but
>that only happens while the car is moving.  In city traffic the intercooler
>would seem to be pretty
>More horse power for a car that's not moving?  If you need more power to sit
>in traffic, try an electric car....maximum torque instantly, from 1 to 10,000
>rpm's.  =)
>Bryan Carter